Empty street in Marylebone district, London, EnglandThe UK government has launched a consultation inviting views from stakeholders on options for dealing with rent debt when the existing prohibitions on forfeiture, CRAR proceedings and winding-up petitions end on 30 June 2021.

Responses to the consultation can be made here and although participation is voluntary, completing the survey will ensure that the government’s decision as to how it will manage the exit route following the expiry of the temporary measures at the end of June will reflect the interests of many, rather than the few.

Our alert sets out in more detail the information that the UK government is seeking views on, what landlords and tenants should be doing now, and how our team can help you.

Should you wish to discuss the impact of this on your business, please contact one of our team of specialists, who will be able to assist in understanding:

  • How to manage existing rent debt with your landlord or tenants in accordance with the Code of Practice
  • The impact on your business if your landlord or tenant will not negotiate
  • The impact of the options proposed by the government on your business, and how to respond to the survey