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Prepared Liquidation – Pre-Pack Sales Under Polish Bankruptcy Law

Amid the current market uncertainties, distressed asset sales are likely to rise. International investors are looking for efficient solutions, preferably ones that reflect solutions in their home jurisdictions. One popular mechanism is the use of pre-pack sales.  A pre-pack sale manages the adverse impact of insolvency proceedings on the distressed company’s business, while reducing the … Continue Reading

Poland’s Simplified Restructuring Proceeding Takes Effect

As previewed in our prior post, Poland’s simplified restructuring proceeding (uproszczone postępowanie restrukturyzacyjne) is now in effect. The enabling legislation – with only minor changes from the description in our prior post affecting such restructurings – was finally adopted on 19 June 2020, signed into law on 23 June 2020 and took effect the same … Continue Reading

COVID-19: Poland’s Parliament Nears Passage Of Extraordinary Debtor Restructuring Relief

Poland’s Parliament is expected to pass legislation on Wednesday (3 June) that will offer expedited and simplified restructuring procedures for debtors.  This will be the fourth in a series of laws in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – known as Shield Laws, but the first to add a new type of restructuring procedure.  For more … Continue Reading

Directors’ Duties – a Guide for Polish Businesses

This quick guide summarises the duties that directors of  Polish companies are subject to and how those duties change when the company is insolvent or at risk of being insolvent. It also gives an overview of the personal risk to directors when the company is in financial difficulty and suggests some practical tips to help … Continue Reading