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Corporate Restructurings gaining ground in Poland

Before Polish insolvency law was significantly amended in January 2016,  restructurings were extremely rare, with corporate insolvencies ending in liquidation in more than 90% of all cases. At that point, the number of insolvencies ending in the liquidation of the debtor’s assets significantly exceeded successful restructurings – the focus had been mainly on satisfying the creditors – and allowing … Continue Reading

Poland creates a Borrowers’ Support Fund to fill its consumer bankruptcy gap

Poland’s Parliament has enacted a new law creating a Borrowers’ Support Fund to help homeowners with mortgages that are underwater.  Official statistics by mortgage amount show that 24.3% of mortgages, totaling PLN 84.1 billion (approx. USD 22.7 billion) exceed the value of the borrowers’ homes, affecting 236,400 borrowers. This phenomenon has resulted from the large number … Continue Reading