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A Stellar Result for the Sellers of Comet Group Plc – UK Court of Appeal Unanimously Overturns £115m Preference Judgment

The Court of Appeal has unanimously overturned an unlawful preference ruling from the High Court, finding instead that the repayment of inter-company debt did not amount to a preference because, at the time the operative decision to make the repayment occurred, there was no desire to prefer. The case involved the repayment, by Comet Group … Continue Reading

Government proposes legislation to enhance UK insolvency regime

On 26 August, the Government announced that it will be making changes to UK insolvency legislation. The changes are intended to support distressed companies and address issues highlighted by major company failures and include: the ability for all companies to apply for a moratorium a new insolvency process – the “restructuring plan”, enabling companies to cram … Continue Reading

Is the UK insolvency regime equipped for the current political and economic climate?

An effective and well-equipped insolvency and restructuring regime gives confidence to investors and financiers, enabling credit to flow through to businesses and boost economic activity, growth and innovation. In 1999, following the Asian financial crisis, the World Bank carried out a review of the international regimes to establish a set of key principles for effective … Continue Reading

When an Asset is not an Asset

The Court of Appeal has recently considered the status of contingent assets within the balance sheet test for insolvency in the context of a company’s inability to pay its debts. Under Section 123 Insolvency Act 1986, a company is deemed unable to pay its debts if its assets are less than its liabilities including contingent … Continue Reading

Making Sausage – – The Seventh Circuit Examines the “Ordinary Course” Preference Defense

It is relatively rare when a Circuit Court issues an opinion on the preference defenses under section 547(c) of the Bankruptcy Code. It is even more unusual when a decision examines the fact-focused “ordinary course” defense under section 547(c)(2). The ordinary course defense shields payments determined to have been made in the “ordinary course of … Continue Reading

Powerful Changes to UK Insolvency Legislation – Are You Ready?

On 1 October 2015, several changes to UK insolvency legislation are coming into force. Insolvency practitioners and stakeholders should take note of the following key amendments to make sure they are up to date with these changes. The amendments are the next raft of changes to insolvency law under the Small Business Enterprise and Employment Act … Continue Reading

Hey Insiders, the Ninth Circuit Just Gave You a Leg-Up on Avoiding Preference Exposure on Guaranteed Debt

It is already relatively settled that an insider who has personally guaranteed the debt of his or her company may face preference exposure to the extent the guaranteed debt is paid down during the one-year preference period applicable to insiders. Without doubt, such payments directly benefit the guarantor, whose obligation to the primary creditor is … Continue Reading

European Court of Justice Rules on Applicable Law in Cross-border Clawback Proceedings

On April 16, 2015, the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) provided guidance on the interpretation of Article 13 of the EC Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings (the “Regulation”) in the case Lutz v Bäuerle – C-557/13. Pursuant to Article 4.2 of the Regulation, the general rule is that the law of the Member State where the  insolvency proceedings … Continue Reading

Buyer Beware: Payment on Assumed Debt in An Asset Sale Could Be An Avoidable Preference

Sophisticated distressed investors know the benefits of acquiring assets through a § 363 sale in a bankruptcy case.  The primary benefit, of course, is acquiring assets free and clear of pre-existing liens, claims and interests.  There are some occasions, however, where it is not practical for a buyer to request that a sale be run … Continue Reading