map of Europe with pins inThroughout Europe governments have sought to support businesses in financial distress due to Covid-19 in three ways – by giving them money, by lending them money and by relieving them of their bills and financial commitments.  European governments are doing a mix of all three. To provide a quick and easy guide to what support is available to these businesses, we have launched our European Summary of Government Financial Support guide.

From a sample of more than 200 companies from across the EMEA region that completed our Risk Contingency Tool:

  • 36% said that they had not yet considered what financial support is being offered by external organisations/the government to help support businesses
  • 33% had not yet engaged with their funder to establish what support it will give to the business to bridge any cash flow issues

Our guide provides a summary of the government financial support that is available in key European countries, along with an outline of the support available from the European Commission. Our guide provides details about the types and level of funding available, eligibility, how to apply and when it will be available.

Practical Help

If you would like to speak to any of the authors of the guides, please telephone or email the author directly using the contact details in the guide.

In today’s “new world”, the opportunity to talk through your issues may be critical to your business.