Our financial health roadmap sets out key dates that UK businesses should factor into future forecasting and planning over the coming months. In particular, it highlights when temporary financial or other support offered by the UK government and HMRC will be tapered or come to an end, and changes in law or policy that may have an adverse impact on a UK business if not planned for.

The roadmap helps identify “crunch” points that may impact the availability of finance, adversely affect cash flow and supply chains or create financial pressures and should be considered alongside the specific financial needs of a business. Download our financial health roadmap here.

In addition our quick guide, “Preparing for the “New Normal” – Key Points for UK Businesses to Consider” focuses on key issues for UK businesses to consider in determining their viability as the UK continues to “unlock”.  Many issues highlighted in this quick guide will also be relevant when considering the impact that Brexit might have at the end of 2020, including:

  • Cash flow and financing
  • Supply and demand
  • Employee considerations
  • Operational costs
  • Directors’ duties
  • Opportunities and lessons learnt from COVID-19

Click here  to download our quick guide.