The biggest challenge for most UK businesses in the current environment is assessing viability.  Will it survive another lockdown? Can it recover from the last?  Each business is unique but there are common challenges to all.

One of the most difficult challenges at the moment is ensuring that when making decisions about the business that directors ensure compliance with their directors’ duties.  If the business is at risk, so might their own personal liability, and now, perhaps more so that during the first wave of the pandemic, the risk is arguably greater. 

To help navigate these uncertainties we have produced this guide focusing on the key considerations for all businesses: cash, financial pressure points, employees, tax, Brexit and directors’ duties.   

To compliment this we are also hosting a free webinar on 1 December when our panel of experts will explore these challenges and what they mean for a business and its directors.  Should a business increase borrowings and incur further debt?  What should it do with employees?  These are all difficult decisions particularly when the economic future is so uncertain.   To register for this event, please click here