Sorry We're ClosedAs a result of the rapid spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19, the UK Government has announced a four-week delay to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in England and the Step 3 restrictions will remain in place for now. The Government’s intention is that England will move to Step 4 (the lifting of all restrictions) on 19 July, but it has promised to review the data again in two weeks in case the risks have reduced. For many businesses, the delay to “freedom date” may be a significant blow, with some businesses being unable to open or being required to operate at reduced capacity.

For directors, one of the most difficult challenges is ensuring compliance with their directors’ duties when making decisions about the future of the business.  If the business is at risk, their own personal liability might also be at risk.

In light of the announcement, we have updated our business viability guide to assist directors in understanding risk and upcoming challenges: cash requirements, financial pressure points, employees, tax and directors’ duties.