With the end of all Plan B restrictions in sight, 2022 should (fingers crossed) be a better year for UK businesses who have faced a long and tough challenge managing issues such as Brexit, supply chain, the sustainability agenda, ESG, regulatory change and cash flow alongside the unpredictability of COVID.

Throughout the pandemic we have regularly updated our business viability guide, which offers guidance to UK businesses and directors on key business considerations such as financial support, directors’ duties and managing HMRC and employees.

The latest edition of our guide, alongside our forthcoming webinar: How Are Businesses Recovering and Building Resilience following the Economic Challenges of 2021? aims to provide the latest insight and considerations for UK businesses looking to build resilience and move forward with Plan A, as well as help and guidance if Plan A is perhaps not shaping up as hoped.

If you would like to join our webinar at 12pm on 1 February 2022 then you can register here, and our latest business viability guide is available here.