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An Important Ruling for Secured Lenders – Ninth Circuit Holds that the Proper Cramdown Valuation is Replacement Value

In an important decision for secured creditors, the Ninth Circuit recently held that the proper “cramdown” valuation of a secured creditor’s collateral is its replacement value, regardless of whether the foreclosure value would generate a higher valuation of the collateral.  The appellate court’s decision has the potential to significantly impact lenders that include certain types of restrictions … Continue Reading

Hey Insiders, the Ninth Circuit Just Gave You a Leg-Up on Avoiding Preference Exposure on Guaranteed Debt

It is already relatively settled that an insider who has personally guaranteed the debt of his or her company may face preference exposure to the extent the guaranteed debt is paid down during the one-year preference period applicable to insiders. Without doubt, such payments directly benefit the guarantor, whose obligation to the primary creditor is … Continue Reading