Distributed ledger technologyOn 7 April, we launched our Summary of European Governments Financial Support, to provide a quick and easy guide to what support is available to businesses. Please view our updated version of the guide, with additional content for a number of key Middle East countries.

Throughout Europe and the Middle East, governments have sought to support businesses in financial distress due to COVID-19 in three ways – by giving them money, by lending them money and by relieving them of their bills and financial commitments. European governments are doing a mix of all three.

Our guide provides a summary of the government financial support available in key European and Middle East countries, covering all financial support packages, from loan schemes and financing facilities, employee support, insurance and tax, through to assistance available for the self-employed. We clearly set out the types and level of funding available, eligibility, how to apply and how to access.

If you require support to navigate your business through the myriad of global financial stimulus packages or any of your financial health concerns, whether included or not in our guide, please contact one of the authors or one of the key contacts in your jurisdiction detailed in the guide.