broken linkOrganisations need to understand how they can prepare ahead of the UK government preparing to bring the country out of lockdown, while not necessarily knowing the timescales or details of how restrictions will be lifted, or in what order.

We have prepared a  quick guide  to help UK businesses start to think about some of the key things that will affect how, when and even whether they can “unlock”, that can be used alongside our on line self assessment tool.

As restrictions are lifted, it is unlikely that things will return to normal for some time, but in terms of adapting to the new normal and getting back to “business as usual”, each business will firstly have to assess what shape the business is in now, what it will look like in the future and adapt, change or restructure the business model to fit the “new normal”.

While all businesses are shaped differently, as restrictions lift, employees will need to prepare to return, work environments will need to be readied, supply chains ratified and customers kept informed. Companies should make sure that they are ready to re-start trading and that they have the financial, technical and logistical means to do so